Kundin Christa Gätz-Thurnher (ALCO Wintergärten)
Christa Gätz-Thurnher

The cost-benefit ratio of the materials used in our solarium is 100%. We benefit from additional (and visually attractive) colours, which help our energy consumption in both summer and winter.

Building for the future

Upgrade your property – we help you take a step closer to the goal of a 'nearly zero energy building'.

However, the photovoltaic elements do not necessarily have to look like photovoltaic elements. Our broad product portfolio helps you change the look of your property from 'conspicuously solar' to 'subtly integrated'.

The application possibilities are very diverse, with façades, light roofs, terraces, balconies and shading slats; we can make your building envelope very attractive. Would you like an estimate of your solar potential?

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