schematischer Aufbau eines PV-Moduls mit Design-Druck
DesignPV laminated safety glass

Give your CREATIVITY the FREEDOM it needs!

DesignPV laminated safety glass Unlimited possibilities. Entirely according to your own tastes.

With DesignPV, PV ertex solar offers you cutting edge photovoltaic modules:

  • Unparalleled visual homogeneity thanks to special screen print surface
  • Your choice of colour and degree of transparency
  • Depending on the pressure matrix solar cell structure chosen, it could be barely perceptible
  • Loss of output is minimal compared to possible architectural and optical gain
  • Mathematical model calculations for PV performance in advance
  • Module shapes freely selectable in laminated safety glass (insulated)
  • Photovoltaic modules up to 2400 x 5 000 mm (yes!) maximum size

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New Possibilities

Digiprint: Depending on motif and degree of imprinting, output between 80 and 120 Wp/m²

Coloured cells: Bring variety into your facility

Hole cell type: Design your logo and choose the degree of shading