Cell types


What kind of cell types are there? How do they differ? These and many more questions are frequently asked. With this explanatory video, the most important FAQs concerning types of cells at ertex solar are explained.



Have you ever wondered how much energy you can get from photovoltaic systems and how you can optimise sales? Watch this video to learn more about photovoltaics and its income potential.




Have you ever wondered how photovoltaic systems can be kept clean on façades or roofs? Dieter Moor, Managing Director of ertex solar, explains in this video what possibilities exist to keep building-integrated photovoltaic systems clean and thus to maintain module performance.



Photovoltaic units need not all look exactly alike!
ertex solar can construct photovoltaics in a wide array not only of shapes, but also of colours.



This video is about one of the most frequently asked questions: costs. How much does a photovoltaic system cost and how do I get a unit price for my project?

Glass quality


Information and destruction tests for glass quality in photovoltaic modules - laminated safety glass 



Für Sicherheit beim Bauen mit Glaselementen und speziell im Bereich der Photovoltaik gibt es Unmengen an Kennzahlen und Zulassungen. Dieter Moor klärt in diesem Video über die wichtigsten Punkte auf.