… at the newly built hardware store in Fürstenfeld

The newly built DIY superstore and garden center Hellweg opened its doors in November 2018 in Fürstenfeld, Styria. In order to create a comfortable shopping experience and to shield the customers from wind and rain, three carports have been built. Instead of a normal roof the three carports were equipped with a semi-transparent horizontal glazing made of laminated safety glass with solar cells. A total of 644 solar panels were installed over a total parking area of 2.300m². The installed capacity is 274 kWp, the photovoltaic systems generate a total of 246 MWh of solar power. The majority of the generated solar energy is intended for the use in the market or for the charging stations of electric vehicles.

Would you like to know more about this project?

In the latest issue 6/19 of the magazine Stahlbau with focus on “Steel and metal construction for renewable energies” you can find more information about the motivation behind building the new superstore, the photovoltaic system and of course the metal construction.

Click here to read the article (only available in German): (not free to download or copy!)

Picture copyright: Hardware store Hellweg, DI Pamela Rawnsley © ertex solar_Dieter Moor


Idyllic scenery in Norway

Besides the realization of projects with a high number of requested modules, ertex solar also manufactures individual glasses for smaller projects and private customers. A balcony railing of a family home in Norway was recently equipped with 13 modules. The modules measure 1.080×760 mm and 880x760mm and have an installed capacity of 1,3 kW. This means that the home owners can produce electricity by themselves and on top the view of the idyllic coastal fjord is not clouded by the attractive module design.


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