In the zoological garden Schönbrunn, Vienna, there are not only countless animal species to be admired, but also a few solar systems with modules from ertex solar. When visiting the giraffes, the attentive visitor might notice the special roofing of the conservatory – a total of 245 insulating glass modules were installed here, which have been equipped with an individual cell net. The individually placed cells create a shadow throw that resembles that of an umbrella acacia, the typical tree in the giraffe’s natural habitat. Through the support of the roof, which acts as a tree trunk, as well as the roof, which serves as a leaf roof, the giraffes feel even more comfortable.

Behind the entire construction is a comprehensive concept, which saves about 8,287 kg of CO2 per year and generates about 20,000 kWh of electricity, which is used 100% for the operation of the zoo. With the glass-integrated photovoltaics (16 kWp) and the flat panels (4 kWp), a total of 20 kWp is available, so that 18,000 – 20,000 kWh of electricity can be produced per year.

And who lives in the giraffe house? One of the giraffes is the oldest giraffe in Europe – Kimbar – and he is impressive 27 years old. Do you wanna see more of Kimbar and his photovoltaic roof?

Have a look at our youtube video about the project:


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