About ertex solar Solar architecture of the highest quality

ertex solar is a flexible team of specialists with 70 years of experience in glass construction. Our goal is to integrate solar technology into building architecture as harmoniously as possible.

We produce and distribute solar modules for integration into buildings as a complete system, as well as individualised, customer-specific solutions. This starts with design planning, working with architects, and ends with execution planning in cooperation with leading façade construction specialists.

As one of few providers, we can show certifications in construction and in electronics and photovoltaic technology - two essential building blocks in realising facilities that are stable in the long term.

These certifications are valid for a wide range of services and products. We thus have access to a wide variety of cells, including polycrystalline, monocrystalline, high-efficiency and also semi-transparent cells.



Our clients Because satisfaction is important to us!

Energiewürfel der Stadtwerke Konstanz
Project management
Lindner Fassaden GmbH

It was difficult to find a manufacturer for our 3 x 4 m panels. Everyone wanted to, but at the end of the day, only one really could.
Kunde, Kurator und Publizist Arne Winkelmann
Arne Winkelmann
Curator and publicist, Frankfurt am Main

For the photovoltaic units to be integrated into the architecture, they must already be planned for at the design stage – ideally in collaboration with experts in the industry.
Kundin Christa Gätz-Thurnher (ALCO Wintergärten)
Christa Gätz-Thurnher

The cost-benefit ratio of the materials used in our solarium is 100%. We benefit from additional (and visually attractive) colours, which help our energy consumption in both summer and winter.
Opus Architekten - Architekt Andreas Sedler
Andreas Sedler

We have been working with ertex solar for years, because it is one of the few companies that can also manufacture photovoltaic custom pieces according to our specifications.
zufriedener Kunde Hartmut Maurus über die Semitransparenz
Hartmut Maurus

ertex solar has further developed semi-transparent photovoltaic cells, making building-integrated photovoltaic cells even more architecturally attractive.