Discover our purpose

At ertex solar, we strive to give new functionalities to a building’s envelope, with the help of building-integrated photovoltaics. We transform any surface into a decarbonated energy-producing element, thus contributing to the emergence of zero energy buildings.

Thanks to ertex solar virtually no restrictions are placed on the ideas of creative minds. The size of the modules can be adapted individually, as can the shape, colour and the arrangement of the cells inside the modules. Since extremely large modules are also possible, such as those used large areas can be designed as far as possible without joints and extremely efficiently.

The goal of ertex solar is to show that energy performance and aesthetics are not incompatible. They instead make a perfect match. We strive for quality and excellence in our daily work.

The primary goal for us is always to achieve the best possible solution for our customers. In doing so, we supply the projects of municipalities, energy supply companies and public utilities as well as property operators from the office or residential sectors.