Solar architecture of the highest quality

a company with 70 years of glass building experience!

ertex solar is a flexible team of specialists with 70 years of experience in glass construction. Our goal is to integrate solar technology into building architecture as harmoniously as possible.

In Amstetten, Lower Austria, ertex solar manufactures solar modules for the most exacting requirements with regard to size, load capacity and possibility of use in building integration. ertex solar combines expertise in glass construction and photovoltaics.

We produce and distribute solar modules for integration into buildings as a complete system, as well as individualized, customer-specific solutions. This starts with design planning, working with architects, and ends with execution planning in cooperation with leading façade construction specialists.

As one of few providers, we can show certifications in construction and in electronics and photovoltaic technology – two essential building blocks in realising facilities that are stable in the long term.

Our purpose

Solutions combining performance, reliability and aesthetics

Our know-how

Unrivalled experience and thorough knowledge of photovoltaic materials

Our team

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