The projects presented reflect our capabilities, the imagination of our clients and the trust as business partners. They illustrate a field of possibilities that is only waiting to open up even more to create the buildings and infrastructures of tomorrow.

You can also download our inspiration book containing a selection of our references, on the dedicated page.


weisses Schlössli

weisses Schlössli Partner: Felix & Co. AG Modules: VSG ESG/TVG  6/6 | various sizes | with screenprint Architect: source pictures and architecture: Construction Management: Stefan Caviezel [...]


Carpark Oed

Carpark Oed Partner: Pholtec GmbH Modules: VSG TVG 6/6 | 721 x 4655 mm and 721 x 4810 mm semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]


Gare de Namur

Gare de Namur Partner: Pauwels Glassprojects NV Modules: VSG ESG 6/6 | various sizes, various special shapes, special cell layout semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed [...]


Terrace Family B.

Terrace Family B. Partner: Wachter Bau- und Kunstschlosserei GmbH Modules: VSG TVG 6/6 | various sizes Transparency: app. 26 % semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed [...]


Fronius Fountain

Fronius Fountain Partner: Fronius Module: VSG 8/10 | 2.113 x 4.828 | with perforated cells Architect: Pauat Architekten semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]



Lichtbrunnen ("light fountain") Linz Modules: VSG TVG 4/5 | 206 x 2.285 mm | with perforated cells Architect: Tp3 Architekten ZT GmbH semi-transparent photovoltaic modules [...]


Campus TU Munich

Campus TU Munich LED PV Partner: Munich 2 State Construction office Modules: VSG ESG 10/12/12/12/12 with anti-slip coating in the front | 933x1.933mm semi-transparent photovoltaic modules [...]


Goldenes PV Dachl

Goldenes PV Dachl Partner: Energie Tirol | Municipality Innsbruck Modules: VSG TVG 6/6 | 1030 x 3250mm | golden cells Architect: Arch. DI Christian Höller semi-transparent [...]


Arcadia Yachts

Arcadia Yachts Modules: ISO VSG - various sizes Various yachts of the Arcadia fleet are equipped with our modules. The figures refer to the entire fleet, not [...]


LBS Graz

LBS Graz Partner: Metallbau Heidenbauer Modules: VSG-ISO 6/8/6 | 1.220 x 3.486 mm Transparency: ~ 45% Architect: Michael Wallraff insulated photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]


Astana Expo2017

Astana Expo2017 Modules: VSG ISO 10/8 | 1.530 x 2.503 mm Transparency: ~ 71-98% Architect: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture insulated photovoltaic modules total [...]


Villa Media

Villa Media Modules: VSG-ISO | 1.730 x2.460 mm | 10/10 SZR 16 12/12 Architect: Tilo Güllemann insulated photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]



KREIS Haus Partner: Verein Synergy Village Modules: ISO VSG ESG 5/5 | 652 x 3000 mm Transparency: ~ 38% insulated photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]


ALCO glass roof

ALCO glass roof Partner: ALCO Bauelemente Modules: VSG ESG 4/4 | 800 x 2.250 mm | with perforated cells insulated photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]


Alt St. Johann

Alt St. Johann Partner: Bauer Energietechnik Modules: VSG TVG 10/12 | various sizes Transparency: ~ 37 % semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]



Beergarden Partner: Oberhauser Bau-Systeme GmbH Modules: VSG TVG 6/6 | 950 mm x 5000 mm Transparency: 30 % semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]


Energy Wave

Energy Wave Discover this wave-shaped urban photovoltaic system that lights up the square in front of the town hall in Wiener Neudorf. The forecourt of the municipal [...]


Bastad tennis court

Famous for hosting the Swedish Open, Bastad's tennis courts are also equipped with our Horizon semi-transparent photovoltaic solutions! Our photovoltaic laminated glass is safe and resistant. They [...]



Sonnenpark Plus, an energy self-sufficient residence! Creating a building for future generations - that was the vision of the architects of arento AG. Thanks to two photovoltaic [...]


RDE Bike Path

RDE Bike Path On the "Deutsche Einheit" cycle path, which runs through Germany and its 7 regions for more than 1100km, 13 stations have been installed and [...]


Lefay Resort

A luxury and sustainable resort thanks to our photovoltaic solutions The Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda is not just a luxury hotel with high quality [...]



A car park in the shade of a photovoltaic glass roof To ensure a comfortable shopping experience for its customers by protecting them from rain and wind, [...]



Discover our Solaris reference The new Solaris residential building is located on the shores of Lake Zurich, between the busy Seestrasse and the railway embankment. However, despite [...]