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architectural award for project “House Solaris 416”

The “Architectural Award for Building Integrated Solar Technology” was awarded in 2020 for the eighth time since its introduction in 2000. The competition’s evaluation criteria are architectural aspects, such as overall design, integration of solar technology into the building envelope, and design quality and functionality of the building and solar system. In addition to their yield and efficiency, the degree of innovation of the concept and construction is also considered.

With 169 entries from 26 countries, we are of course very pleased that our project “Haus Solaris 416” in Zurich was awarded a prize!

House Solaris 416 is an extraordinary example for integrating solar modules into a building’s envelope. The vision of the architects at huggenbergerfries was for the solar panels to not be visible at first glance. This was achieved by installing custom-made solar panels with aubergine coloured cast glass, whose colour was developed after months of research in collaboration with the University of Lucerne. In total, 1,300 solar modules from ertex solar have been installed which produce approx. 31,000 kWh per year. Besides the photovoltaic systems the whole building was planned eco-friendly – creating a holistic building concept.

We are very happy to have received this award and want to express our special thanks to the award’s organizers, the architects from huggenbergerfries and everybody who was involved in this special project!

You can find more information about the award here!

© huggenbergerfries Architekten, Fotograf Beat Bühler

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