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We produce photovoltaic modules for building integration – do you offer suitable substructures and/or the assembly and electrical connection for this and would you like to work more closely with us? We are always looking for new partners! We regularly receive enquiries from private customers who are still lacking the decisive support for the finalization of their projects. Substructure manufacturers, glass builders and electricians from all over Austria, Germany and Switzerland are particularly in demand, but of course companies from other countries are also very welcome. If you are interested in working with us on a long-term basis, please contact us at

Existing customers can of course also become partners. If you miss the reference to your company on our website in the “Partners” section, please let us know as well. We will be happy to add you!

New projects

Under this year’s autumn sun, more and more new projects are taking shape. Whether it’s a terrace, carport, conservatory, façade or balcony – plan now to take full advantage of your personal favorite solar spot next year!

pictures: ©ALCO Wintergarten GmbH and Wachter Bau- und Kunstschlosserei GmbH

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