Invitation to “The Future of Building 2019” congress in Vienna

On the 04th and 05th of June the building congress “The Future of Building 2019”organized by the WKO Austria takes place in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna. The agenda of the first day consists of lectures, B2B meetings and workshops, whereas projects visits in Vienna will be the focus of the second day. Mr. Dieter Moor will give a short presentation on the topic of “building integrated photovoltaic” during the workshop “Intelligent and Sustainable Buildings and City Quarters” on the 04th of June. We look forward to discussing the topics with you!

Further information and the registration can be found here.


Arcadia Yachts

Roof. Facade. Balcony and canopy – Maybe you think you have seen all of our fields of application? Have you heard of yachts and boats which have a photovoltaic roof as well? That way the electronic devices installed on the yachts can be supplied with renewable energy.

We have already installed our photovoltaic modules on some of the yachts of the Italian company Arcadia Yachts S.r.l. which have been awarded several times. For example the yacht A85 won the “Worlds Yacht Trophies” in the category “Yacht with interior and exterior design and innovative technologies”. We are proud to be a part of award winning yachts!


energy meets architecture

What looks like a wooden façade of the apartment building Chrüzmatte is actually a building-integrated photovoltaic system manufactured by ertex solar which forms a perfect optical unit with the other façade elements. In order to resemble the woodenslat structure in the intermediate ceiling area, the 16 panels measuring 2.039×2.322mm, have been printed with screen printing. The invisible fastening of the floor-to-ceiling panels was realized by means of backrails glued to the back. The static load-bearing behavior of the module was therefore additionally optimized. The PV system has an output of 12,3 kWp and produces approx. 6,500 kWh of electricity per year. Together with the PV systems on the south and north roof, the apartment building generates over 45.900 kWh of generated solar power per year. So much that parts of the neighbouring building can be supplied. The apartment building is a perfect example of how renewable energy can meet the aesthetic wishes of architects, just like the motto of ertex solar says – energy meets architecture.

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