Façades in Germany …

Activated thermal insulation

You want to integrate photovoltaics into your façade and still have an unobstructed view of the outside? This is possible with our insulating glass-glass modules, as in this project in Germany. Here you can see 54 such PV-ISO modules in 22 different sizes with a total output of over 18 kWp. However, since not every surface is suitable for photovoltaic occupancy, you will also find a few dummy modules among them to maintain the uniform look.

pictures: ©mglass GmbH

… and Canada

Good things take time

We consistently prove ourselves to be a flexible and reliable partner when we accompany projects from the initial idea through to implementation. We have been supporting this great façade project since 2019 and now we can present the result to you: 181 semi-transparent modules divided into 87 different types now adorn the University of Calgary, Canada. Together, they add up to an output of more than 44 kWp.

pictures: ©Ferguson Corporation

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