Fehlmannareal Winterthur, Switzerland

We proudly present another beautiful project in Switzerland – here 212 of our full black modules have been integrated into the facade, creating an elegant building envelope. Overall the modules have a power of 87.7 kWp and have been produced in various sizes with the biggest one coming to a size of 2690x1430mm.

pictures: K&K Fassaden AG


Fifty Shades of Grey and other colors

Even though our black modules create a stunning effect on any façade, our modules of our product palette Design Color can also be easily integrated in any façade, roof or balcony. The golden module as pictured above has already been through the production and is now waiting for the transport the its façade. The final result can therefore be eagerly awaited – one thing is already certain – the façade will be a real eye-catcher.

Besides gold we also offer other colors – we would be happy to send you further information regarding our Design Color palette.

Just let us know via info(at)ertex-solar.at!

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