… for modules for the Lärchkogelbahn Planai

From the starting skiing season onwards, a new and modern chairlift will ensure greater comfort and shorter waiting times on the Planai. The new chairlift offers place for eight people and increased travel comfort thanks to premium armchairs with heated seats and weather protection hoods. The transport capacity has been maximized to 3,500 people per hour, making the Lärchkogel lift the most powerful chairlift in Styria. A special highlight are the new stations designed by the Italian designer Pininfarina.

Another eye-catcher, a very special one in our opinion, are our modules at the top station, which act as a weather protection. A total of ten solar modules measuring 4370×1470 mm with a total output of 8.8 kWp were installed. The transparency degree is 20% and, in addition to providing protection from the sun, also creates a great visual effect.

To keep in mind for your next skiing trip – please send us your most creative photo in front of our modules!

picture copyright: © Elektrotechnik Mitterwallner GmbH


Our semitransparent options

Particularly in areas which need sufficient flooding of light, the use of semitransparent solar modules can provide more brightness. They cast attractive patterns of light and shadow onto the rooms behind and underneath, thus serving as a flexible shading element, which additionally makes a valuable contribution to the building’s energy balance.

The cells are being perforated in an extra production step and afterwards are being assembled in the module. We are currently manufacturing 41 modules with perforated cells in the size of 1280x4970mm and an installed total power of 18 kWp. They will be installed as a canopy– we are very much looking forward to seeing the final pictures.

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