Skyscraper with environmental awareness

All good things come from above – in Vienna it is green electricity

The photovoltaic elements from ertex solar know neither fears nor limits. Our modules are located at dizzying heights on the façade of the Austro Tower in Vienna. 106 panels with a total output of 32,646.46 Wp were installed here. In the future, the building, which is about 135 m high, will house the offices of SORAVIA, AUSTRO CONTROL and ASFINAG, among others, on 38 floors.

pictures: © ertex solartechnik GmbH

Solar church forecourt


Visitors to this church now find protection from wind and weather thanks to this photovoltaic roof. It consists of 20 modules and has a total output of 12.1 kWp. However, due to our perforated cells, it is still possible to enjoy the sun under the 1550 x 4070 mm panels.

pictures: © Solarwall SA/AG/Ltd

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