Fun in the sun

What’s that flying overhead? It’s the new photovoltaic glass roof of the Allmend school building in Zurich! Here, 341 modules measuring 1518 x 2554 mm are currently being installed. To meet the static requirements, the laminated safety glass consists of two 10 mm thick panes. Thus, the students are optimally protected from the sun while using the sports field below, and at the same time, the plants in the roof garden can thrive thanks to the UV+ film.

pictures: © ertex solartechnik GmbH

Our modules are top performers

The Schiestlhaus is located directly below the summit of the Hochschwab at an altitude of 2156 metres. This refuge recently received 11 new façade modules with a total output of approx. 2.7 kWp from us. Due to the remote location, transport to the mountain was only possible by helicopter. By the way, hikers can camp at the Schiestlhaus from mid-May to 26 October. More information is available here.

pictures: ©Elektro Vivot GmbH

Full steam ahead towards company holidays

Our employees also deserve a break. For this reason, we will be on holiday from 25 July to 05 August 2022. From 08 August, we will be back at full throttle for you. We thank you for your understanding!


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