Dream homes

Conspicuously inconspicuous

The façade has a decisive influence on the overall appearance of the building – but what if the outer shell could do much more? With our solar modules, every façade can not only shine visually, but also produce electricity inconspicuously, as in this apartment building in Switzerland. Here, 68 dark printed modules were installed, which have a total output of over 16 kWp. And by the way: the word “shine” does not have to be taken literally here, because our panels can also be supplied with a satinised front panel.

Pictures: ©Felix & Co. AG

Looking forward to summer

Sunny mood for the winter

Cold, wet, windy – autumn is slowly but surely saying goodbye and the cold season has us seeking shelter in warm indoor areas. But the next summer is sure to come and to shorten the waiting time and fuel the anticipation, why not give the terrace a new feature? As you can see in the pictures, you benefit twice from a solar canopy: on the one hand, you have your very own power supplier and on the other hand, you save yourself from the hassle of moving back and forth with the parasol. The shade of the cells ensures that the sun does not dazzle you too much and that the area below does not heat up too much. Makes you want to take a seat right away …

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