In need of a holiday feeling?

Out of the heat – into the sun

Imagine enjoying the summer sun on board a yacht in the Mediterranean … wonderful, isn’t it? But what if the heat becomes too intense over time? Arcadia Yachts has an elegant solution for that: a deck with a solar roof! Whenever you want, you can escape the unpleasant temperatures and still miss nothing of the picturesque surroundings. The fact that electricity is generated at the same time is yet another advantage that makes time on board even more comfortable.


There is (almost) no such thing as “can’t”

We help you make your solar dreams come true!

You have very special requirements for your future photovoltaic project? This solar glass roof shows almost everything we can realise with our semi-transparent modules. You see here 71 panels, divided into 22 different types. These are triple insulated modules for the interior and normal laminated safety glass for the exterior. In order to achieve optimal transparency, the customer chose our perforated cells. You think that’s it? Not by a long shot! In addition to the module size, which is of course individually determined, the installation is also equipped with special shapes, ISO steps, edge enamels and digiprints in the edge area (similar to the cell optics). This guaranteed that the panels are perfectly adapted to their environment. Together they have an output of more than 8.5 kWp. So don’t worry, we also have the right modules for you!

pictures: PALMHAUS-WerksFoto © BAUMANN/GLAS/1886

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