Gothenborg: Greta Thunberg isn’t the only one fighting against climate change

Together with the companies Lambertsson and Glacell, ertex solar was able to complete another impressive project in Sweden. Approximately 55 kW have been installed through the solar panels, resulting in an annual yield of 52 MWh of renewable energy. In addition, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 3.5 tons – all in all, another step that ertex solar is contributing to climate protection. Another exciting aspect of this project is the fact that the modules do not only produce renewable energy but also act as summer shading and therefore reduce the cooling loads.


The Central station in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. The largest and busiest railway station in the Netherlands was renovated a few years ago, enlarged and partly covered with photovoltaic modules from ertex solar. A total of 1,220 photovoltaic modules with a size of up to 3,000 x 960mm were used in the project. The roofing of the platform was planned by BenthemCrouwel Architects and almost no module is similar to another. All of the 1,220 individually planned and manufactured modules are different in shapes and sizes.

For more information about the photovoltaic system please watch the video on our youtube channel. To never miss a project video again, subscribe.

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For more information about the photovoltaic system watch the video on our YouTube channel:


Planerforum.Architektur im Kuppelsaal der TU Wien

Do you have any plans on May 09th, 2019?

On the 9th of May, 2019, the Plannerforum.Architektur will be hosting an interesting day full of lectures and an opportunity for a joint discussion in the “Kuppelsaal” of the University of Technology in Vienna. The aim of the event is to show architects, planners and students innovative and creatively high-quality solutions in sustainable building and to create a platform for an exchange. ertex solar will also be represented here because our Mr. Moor is giving a lecture in the topic block “innovative technical solutions for the future” starting from 09:30 o’clock. We look forward to meeting you there and having a chat at the GetTogether afterwards! The detailed program and the registration can be found here.

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