Energy Wave

Discover this wave-shaped urban photovoltaic system that lights up the square in front of the town hall in Wiener Neudorf.

The forecourt of the municipal office in Wiener Neudorf shines in new splendour – partly also thanks to ertex solar. According to the requirements, the architects at kosaplaner were to design a square with green areas, enough parking spaces, a bus shelter, a bicycle-car park, an electric charging station and a book stand.

In addition to these requirements, the forecourt is now complete thanks to the “energy wave”, which is illuminated in different colours thanks to integrated LEDs. The name comes from the shape of the photovoltaic system that covers a steel structure and is made up of 42 photovoltaic modules made of curved laminated safety glass.

Tailor-made semi-transparent solutions
0 kWp
Total installed power

© Marktgemeinde Wiener Neudorf