weisses Schlössli


weisses Schlössli Partner: Felix & Co. AG Modules: VSG ESG/TVG  6/6 | various sizes | with screenprint Architect: source pictures and architecture: arento.ch Construction Management: Stefan Caviezel GmbH construction management and architecture individual photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]

Balcony Family M. 3


Balcony Family M. 3 Partner: Christopher Müller Bauunternehmen Module: LSG ESG 8/8 | various sizes incl. special shapes | rear glass in Dark Grey Transparency: app. 29 % on average semi-transparent photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]

Fence Rudolfsteten


Fence Rudolfsteten Partner: Miloni Solar AG Modules: VSG TVG 6/6 | 1911 x 1473 mm | satinised front and rear glass | front and rear glass with edge enamel | bifacial cells design colour photovoltaic modules total installed power [...]

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